Shin Sekai Yori – episode 22

Oh hai!

I have been waiting for this episode so badly! Last weeks episode was a major cliff hanger for me! but no more! We find out that our Heroes, Saki and Satoru, along with Kiroumaru (the leader of the hornet colony) and Inui are making the treacherous journey to Tokyo in search for the weapon to defeat the fiend. The weapon itself is fittingly called the ‘Psychobuster’. What a epic name to call a weapon against Cantus users!

The episode starts of with our heroes acquiring what is a ‘false minishiro’ that has the ability to reveal the location of the Psychobuster! Then they go on the most outlandish submarine i’ve seen.


(Its not a ninja star…its their submarine! I want one so bad!)


(Guys….I had a bad taco)

After destroying the queerats they are now being stalked by Yakomaru and the Fiend leading the group to what seems to be a now desolate Tokyo. Its revealed that it has been destroyed towards the latter part of the ancient war that took places ages ago. It seems to be very arid and according to Kiroumaru, there are ‘monsters’ in Tokyo!



Apart from from traversing the surface of a devastated Tokyo, the group are then spotted by Yakomaru and his fiendish entourage! At which point, they decide to go the the ‘depths of hell’, a series of catacombs filled with all sorts of nasties! At which point the episodes ends! 

I cannot wait for next weeks episode!

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Anime Review – The World God Only Knows

Oh Hai~!


Its your favorite anime reviewer, Otaku-chan here-desu~! Today, we’ll be hitting up a review for the animation series, ‘The World God Only Knows’. This has got to be one of my favorite animations for 2 reasons: I love girls and I love games, so when you put them together along with anime, you get TWGOK!

So the story follows Keima Katsuragi, a high school student who is a prodigy ‘bishojo game’ player, thus earning him the title as the ‘The God of Conquests’, in recognition of his legendary skills to be able to conquer the hearts of any 2D girls within games. However things take a turn for the worst, albeit in good comedic fashion, when he accepts a mysterious contract offering him to conquer girls. When he accepts it, a demon from hell named Elsie appears asking for his help to catch the run-away spirits called ‘Loose Souls’. Of-course these spirits reside themselves in the hearts of girls thus compelling Keima to conquer the girls heart in order to release the spirit. Thus begins Keima and Elsies journey to re-capture the loose souls – marking the beginning of the series.

This series is amazing as the characters are very enjoyable, relatable and of-course lovable. Keima, often referred to as otamegane, often in a derogatory sense but shows that he is incredibly intelligent. His approach to girls/women alike has been strengthened through the use of his games, able to analyse his target almost instantly and plan a course in order to conquer girls hearts! Now Elsie is a by far the most lovable looking demon I’ve seen yet. Despite being over 300 years old, she often acts like a child with a incredibly pure personality. On top of that she is unbelievably clumsy and of-course, easily distracted! However, she is lovable nonetheless! As the series progresses, more characters are introduced that do play a role, just not as prominent as the primary protagonists of the series!

Now, this animation is very action orientated. The action sequences do not last very long but they’re still very enjoyable! The World God Only Knows heavily makes fun of cliches about dating sims and character stereotypes, so for you anime buffs, happy hunting for those moments! To be honest, the series has a ‘feel good’ type. There’s nothing too serious for viewers, its just some fun that anyone of any age can enjoy!

Other than that, the series has already progressed into its second season with a third being given the green-light so I suggest getting into it, if you haven’t done so already, before the third series begins!

All in all, I found this series particularly charming, it doesn’t have a incredibly complex story line so its easy to pick up where you left off without needing too much revision. As I said, this series is more about adventure, having laughs and fun as not much of the series is about fighting. Nevertheless I found it most enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this series for anyone who is just stepping into the world of Otaku!

Video – 7/10

Audio – 6/10

Star Rating – 3/5 stars

Its has been fun reviewing the series ‘The World God Only Knows’ and I hope you enjoyed it!

From your friendly friend,