Shin Sekai Yori – episode 22

Oh hai!

I have been waiting for this episode so badly! Last weeks episode was a major cliff hanger for me! but no more! We find out that our Heroes, Saki and Satoru, along with Kiroumaru (the leader of the hornet colony) and Inui are making the treacherous journey to Tokyo in search for the weapon to defeat the fiend. The weapon itself is fittingly called the ‘Psychobuster’. What a epic name to call a weapon against Cantus users!

The episode starts of with our heroes acquiring what is a ‘false minishiro’ that has the ability to reveal the location of the Psychobuster! Then they go on the most outlandish submarine i’ve seen.


(Its not a ninja star…its their submarine! I want one so bad!)


(Guys….I had a bad taco)

After destroying the queerats they are now being stalked by Yakomaru and the Fiend leading the group to what seems to be a now desolate Tokyo. Its revealed that it has been destroyed towards the latter part of the ancient war that took places ages ago. It seems to be very arid and according to Kiroumaru, there are ‘monsters’ in Tokyo!



Apart from from traversing the surface of a devastated Tokyo, the group are then spotted by Yakomaru and his fiendish entourage! At which point, they decide to go the the ‘depths of hell’, a series of catacombs filled with all sorts of nasties! At which point the episodes ends! 

I cannot wait for next weeks episode!

Otaku-chan Out


Anime Review – Mirai Nikki

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(oh look! Another Review)

Its Otaku-chan here, doing what I do best, because, I really have no life…Mirai Nikki! So before I go on there’s just a little thing you should know. That is ‘Tsundere’ – a character who is initially cold and at times could be seen as hostile towards another person before gradully showing their warm and fuzzy side. Then there’s ‘Yandere’ or as I like to call it ‘Gasai Yuno Syndrome’. Keep this in mind.

The story follows ‘Yukiteru Amano’, often being called Yuki for short. He is initially a loner, spending most of his time writing in a diary on his cell phone and talking to what appears to be his imaginary friends ‘Deus Ex Machina’, the God of Time and Space and ‘Murmur, Deus’s servant. Before long Deus gives Yuki a special diary – foreseeing his own future entries and introducing him to a ‘game’ and that’s when the sugar hits the fan. The concept it incredible simple, 11 other people, each with their own special diaries are to compete in a Battle-Royale with the winner becoming the new god of Time and Space. He also meets Gasai Yuno – notable for her intelligence and beauty, she’s often seen as the model student however….she is obsessed with Yuki – her special diary pertaining only to Yuki thus dubbing her diary ‘Yukiteru Diary’. And thus the fun begins!

The characters are incredible! Each having what I deem would be their own personal obsession thus, a corresponding diary for all 12 characters. At times, the character’s go a little bit psychotic but it cant be helped, the story revolves around 1 winner.

Now, Gasai Yuno, out of the many female lead characters that stand out in my mind, she stands out above the rest. As I said before, she’s a intelligent and beautiful, and so she’s a little obsessed with Yuki. *I will always cherish my first misconception of Gasai Yuno* She’s is totally bat crap crazy-insane. Not by a little, but by a whole lot. She is willing to hurt and kill anyone who hurts Yuki (the other 10 contestants) which I understand, because her un-shaking devotion is incomparable. That being said, she is incredibly and constantly jealous of anyone and everyone who gets close to Yuki and more often than not, will try to harm and if given the chance, murderlize the crap out of them! She is the epitome of Yandere – to the umpth degree. Also, on many occasions she willing tells Yuki that she is willing to sacrifice herself in order for him to win the game. Her possessiveness of Yuki is so unbalanced that she does not show any concern to Yuki’s friends, often encouraging him to disregard their safety. All in all, its a something you have to watch to see the absolute depth (and depravity) of Gasai Yuno. The character who is obsessively cute yet dangerously destructive. 

Though the series only has 26 episodes, it has a fairly good paced as well. Important plot points are revealed at even intervals so there wasn’t a moment where I felt bored. Just when I became complacent Boom! another plot twist that bends my mind! However, It does contains some humour, a mediocre amount of action, and crazy by the truckloads which I found very exciting at times. It is quiet a tragic love story, one that does test the boundaries and brings new meaning to the phrase ‘how much do you love me?’ Well with Valentine’s Day coming up I’m sure you will all find out soon…or not! 

The animation is very good. There is an attention to detail in Mirai Nikki with the finishing product having a very sharp and clean look to the scenes. You might argue that I’m biased as I love anime, but seriously, this series does give me pride as an Otaku!

All in all, this series is a definite watch! You will either love it or hate it since its not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you love the Yandere more than the Tsundere, look no futher! This series will have you obsessed til you reach the level that is ‘Gasai Yuno Syndrome’.

Visual – 9/10

Audio – 9/10

Star Rating – 4.5/5 stars

Again, its been my pleasure review Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) with you all!

From your friendly friend,



Anime Review – The World God Only Knows

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Its your favorite anime reviewer, Otaku-chan here-desu~! Today, we’ll be hitting up a review for the animation series, ‘The World God Only Knows’. This has got to be one of my favorite animations for 2 reasons: I love girls and I love games, so when you put them together along with anime, you get TWGOK!

So the story follows Keima Katsuragi, a high school student who is a prodigy ‘bishojo game’ player, thus earning him the title as the ‘The God of Conquests’, in recognition of his legendary skills to be able to conquer the hearts of any 2D girls within games. However things take a turn for the worst, albeit in good comedic fashion, when he accepts a mysterious contract offering him to conquer girls. When he accepts it, a demon from hell named Elsie appears asking for his help to catch the run-away spirits called ‘Loose Souls’. Of-course these spirits reside themselves in the hearts of girls thus compelling Keima to conquer the girls heart in order to release the spirit. Thus begins Keima and Elsies journey to re-capture the loose souls – marking the beginning of the series.

This series is amazing as the characters are very enjoyable, relatable and of-course lovable. Keima, often referred to as otamegane, often in a derogatory sense but shows that he is incredibly intelligent. His approach to girls/women alike has been strengthened through the use of his games, able to analyse his target almost instantly and plan a course in order to conquer girls hearts! Now Elsie is a by far the most lovable looking demon I’ve seen yet. Despite being over 300 years old, she often acts like a child with a incredibly pure personality. On top of that she is unbelievably clumsy and of-course, easily distracted! However, she is lovable nonetheless! As the series progresses, more characters are introduced that do play a role, just not as prominent as the primary protagonists of the series!

Now, this animation is very action orientated. The action sequences do not last very long but they’re still very enjoyable! The World God Only Knows heavily makes fun of cliches about dating sims and character stereotypes, so for you anime buffs, happy hunting for those moments! To be honest, the series has a ‘feel good’ type. There’s nothing too serious for viewers, its just some fun that anyone of any age can enjoy!

Other than that, the series has already progressed into its second season with a third being given the green-light so I suggest getting into it, if you haven’t done so already, before the third series begins!

All in all, I found this series particularly charming, it doesn’t have a incredibly complex story line so its easy to pick up where you left off without needing too much revision. As I said, this series is more about adventure, having laughs and fun as not much of the series is about fighting. Nevertheless I found it most enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this series for anyone who is just stepping into the world of Otaku!

Video – 7/10

Audio – 6/10

Star Rating – 3/5 stars

Its has been fun reviewing the series ‘The World God Only Knows’ and I hope you enjoyed it!

From your friendly friend,



Anime Review – Highschool of the Dead

Oh hai~!


For all you dead-eating-the-living fans do I have a special treat for you! Today I will be reviewing ‘Highschool of the Dead: Gakuen Mokushiroku Haisukuru obu za Deddo’ Hah! what a mouthful right?!


                                                  (This is the official Zombie Survival Guide)


As the title explains its about highschool and those that have been designated ‘them’ – the fleshing munching monsters. The story takes place in 2010 Japan, as what seems to be as I understood, a pandemic of biblical proportions, literally turning the dead into lovable face biting monsters. The story follows a group of high school students along with the school nurse, a young girl and a dog whose life is ultimately plunged in the hell and survive the deadly streets of Japan during a worldwide event known as the ‘Outbreak’. As the groups tries to survive the apocalypse, they must also face the collapse of society as we know, in the form of dangerous fellow survivors and deal with their own possible decay of their moral codes.


I will say straight from the get-go, this anime series is not for children so be warned!


Now the plot of the story is one we’ve all heard time and time again. A disease that causes humans who are infected to get a very severe case of the munchies. Throughout the series infection only seems to spread via the munching on your uninfected appendages.


For all those who love the blood, guts and gore, look no further! HOTD as it is commonly abbreviation does not disappoint. Now because I know you all love spoilers oh~so~much~! I’ll try my best to avoid main plot points.


The Characters are amazing! You really get a sense that these young men and women have no idea of what they’re getting themselves into, clinging desperately to hope against insurmountable odds yet always come out on top right at the very end. Each character is unique, each having very distinguishable personality traits, strengths and weakness. They also face moral dilemma’s! Something a lot of other anime’s don’t include, the shellshock of going through such a traumatic event! Apart from that the fan service…. My god is there fan service!

But of-course, that’s for all you lovely folks to decide!


I am a man of action! And as such, I really do love my action movies. HOTD goes above and beyond! From the very beginning of the series, there is as much blood and gore you’d find in your local butcher shop, from beating the brains out of your best friends flesh eating skull to all those who’d love to try human sashimi !(courtesy to Saeko Busujima) Without really going into detail, if action is what you’re after with a hint of romance and drama, this really is right up your alley!


Music! I’ve always been a fan of J-pop music but when each episode gets its own theme, I’ve never felt more alive! Each musical score performed by Maon Kurosaki is unbelievably amazing and it goes to compliment the Highschool of the Dead series! The music to describe the severity and dire-ness of their situation is quiet moving at times. It often denotes a sense of struggle and despair with a bleak future just to mess with your hope.


All in all, Highschool of the Dead is a great series! It really brings a new edge to the whole zombie-apocalypse theme! So I’ll quickly recap: Fleshing-eating zombies: Check! Busty anime girls – Check! Fight scenes of ridiculous proportions – Check! There you have it. What more do you need to watch Highschool of the dead! hah! Highschool of the Dead is a series that all zombie-loving fans will enjoy and even those who aren’t into the whole ‘severe case of the munchies’ will enjoy!


Video – 8/10

Audio – 9.5/10

Star Rating – 4/5 stars


This has been really fun! Hope you all enjoyed my review!

from your local friendly friend