Maoyuu Maou Yuusha EP 07

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Its Otaku-chan here and I just couldn’t wait until this particular series was over so I decided to do episodic reviews as fast as I can watch them! Maoyuu Maou Yuusha! Epsiode 7!

There isn’t too much fighting action compared to episode 6 but it definitely is trying to improve is fan-service.

The Knight and Hero enjoy are sparring lesson which seems to denote they’re getting awfully close, even though the romantic feelings are one sided! and for some very very awkward moments like this!


The Devil and Knight also keep upping the antics in order to secure the Hero’s love….also leading to another epic awkward moment….


Apart from the laugh and giggles that I got when i watched this episode, Nothing compared to this solution that both the Devil and the Knight come up with! 

ImageWhat a lucky man!!!

The war itself has seem to have subsided for now, and yet they all seem to know that their current peace isn’t going to last. A few more plot points are developing being that the Devil must renew her King of Demon License to which she must return to the underworld, and that there seems to be some Humans planning to disrupt the peace. So look forward to the next episode!

I know I am!

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Anime Review – Sword Art Online [SAO]


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Now I’ve been patiently waiting til this series finished (for now) before writing this review! Sword art online! 


So the years is 2022, and a VRMMORPG (Virtual reality massive multiplayer online Role-playing game) Sword art online, is released. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via the brain, players can experience can control their in-game characters with their minds!

Only things go terrible wrong when all players are unable to log until all 100th levels are cleared. The only thing is, once your character dies in the game…you die in real life!

I personally found the story had a lot of ups and downs. Episodes build a steady climax only for it to end too quick and often left me feeling a bit saddened and unsatisfied. However, dare I say, that is the only issue I have with Sword Art Online. The story is of EPIC proportions! Nothing beats a MMORPG with swords and magic, friendship and love! Most of the story had me at the edge of my butt. Needless to say, fans of magic, swords, and just a good ol adventure will not be disappointed!

Again, spoiler alert! hah! Seriously though, this anime series is ridiculously amazing and its also been a big hit in Japan (of-course it would) The plot does have some twist and turns, and often the main protagonist suffers from unforeseeable consequences of his actions, leading him to solo the ‘front-lines’! However, things get kicked up from SUPER awesome to MEGA awesome with the introduction to Asuna and I will leave it at that!

Now, Sword Art Online delves into the human psyche at some points, just enough for viewers to grasp an understanding but not too much to leave us all dazed (yes, I’m pointing at you Evangelion) The idea of being stuck in a virtual world and facing real life threats brings out the most inner nature of human beings, each being explored by characters through out the entire series!

Characters! I have to say I am extremely biased in my view of this but I am smitten by Kirito and Asuna. I couldn’t help myself from cheering them on from the edge of my seat! Yes! I am a Otaku! haha! I felt that it was incredibly easily to connect on all levels with these characters! Each having a realistic-ness about them, there was nothing that was over the top or far-fetched at all! Kirito – the main protagonist is a bad ass! Something like a lone wolf with the skills and abilities to match. Though he is just a kid, he is very mature and brings a real sense of gravity to each situation he is involved in! Asuna, I’m sure there are a lot of fans for Asuna, she is one of the most charming personality i’ve come across in the land of Anime. She balances Kirito, often bring him hope, grounding him even from the steep precipice of despair! There are definitely other characters that are noteworthy but I’ll let you find out!

I found the music within the series very inspiring! Especially when it came to fight scenes, the music was added just at the right time! Often, inspiring me to get out off my chair and scream and shout! The opening and closing theme was amazing! Hats off to LiSa for ‘Crossing field’! sniff* Very emotional and inspiring lyrics!

So before you cross this off your list because it doesn’t sound like your cup of action! I can assure you, the fight scenes are Epic! There are no other words to describe it! Maybe Legendary but lets agree to disagree! These fights are well played out and I can see why so many have praised this animation series!

All in all, if you’re tired of your boring life, get absorbed into the world of Sword Art Online! It has tons of excitement, drama, fights of epic proportions, romance…what more can you want? This series has won my virtual heart and strongly suggest that if you haven’t heard of this anime, to take a week off work, buy it on blu-ray, and watch it!

Video – 10/10

Audio – 8/10

Star Rating – 4.5/5 stars

As always, it has been a pleasure reviewing this anime for you!

From you local friendly friend,