Shin Sekai Yori – episode 22

Oh hai!

I have been waiting for this episode so badly! Last weeks episode was a major cliff hanger for me! but no more! We find out that our Heroes, Saki and Satoru, along with Kiroumaru (the leader of the hornet colony) and Inui are making the treacherous journey to Tokyo in search for the weapon to defeat the fiend. The weapon itself is fittingly called the ‘Psychobuster’. What a epic name to call a weapon against Cantus users!

The episode starts of with our heroes acquiring what is a ‘false minishiro’ that has the ability to reveal the location of the Psychobuster! Then they go on the most outlandish submarine i’ve seen.


(Its not a ninja star…its their submarine! I want one so bad!)


(Guys….I had a bad taco)

After destroying the queerats they are now being stalked by Yakomaru and the Fiend leading the group to what seems to be a now desolate Tokyo. Its revealed that it has been destroyed towards the latter part of the ancient war that took places ages ago. It seems to be very arid and according to Kiroumaru, there are ‘monsters’ in Tokyo!



Apart from from traversing the surface of a devastated Tokyo, the group are then spotted by Yakomaru and his fiendish entourage! At which point, they decide to go the the ‘depths of hell’, a series of catacombs filled with all sorts of nasties! At which point the episodes ends! 

I cannot wait for next weeks episode!

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Shin Sekai Yori – Episode 21

Oh hai!

Its Otaku-chan here! Lately I’ve been down with cold but now I’m back and ready to write more awesome reviews! Again I’ll be doing an episodic review of the series ‘Shin Sekai Yori’ or From the New world! This series hasn’t finished yet either but I seriously cannot stop watching it. It’s so intriguing that it pulls you into ‘its’ own little world. 


For those who are considering watching this series, now would be a great time to start 

(so much fun!)

 This weeks episode picks up where Saki and Satoru have been chased by a ‘Fiend’ – humans who have essentially gone insane, have ridiculous cantus abilities and of course don’t suffer from ‘death feedback’. The most powerful sage, Shisei Kaburagi, literally got bent in half…what a painful way to go! 

At which point Saki and Satoru make a mad dash to the ‘Security Council Center  where they meet Inui-san who reveals the most shocking twist of all.

The queerats have trained a ‘fiend’ and have released it on the Kamisu 66th district, destroying human life with the ferocity of a murder hungry animal. The fiend, who is a child is now revealed to be Maria’s and Mamoru’s child, who had been taken away since birth and raised along with queerats. Having waited 10 years for the child’s cantus to awaken, Squeeler’s full plan comes to view.

 Finally Saki and Satoru realize that it has been Squeelers plan all along, not to kill humans, rather, to capture human babies in order to raise his army of fiends. With this, the queerats can literally dominate the world!

 I don’t really know when this particular series will end, but I hope it never does! I’ll definitely have to do a full series review but for now, Episodic Reviews it is!


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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha EP 07

Oh Hai!

Its Otaku-chan here and I just couldn’t wait until this particular series was over so I decided to do episodic reviews as fast as I can watch them! Maoyuu Maou Yuusha! Epsiode 7!

There isn’t too much fighting action compared to episode 6 but it definitely is trying to improve is fan-service.

The Knight and Hero enjoy are sparring lesson which seems to denote they’re getting awfully close, even though the romantic feelings are one sided! and for some very very awkward moments like this!


The Devil and Knight also keep upping the antics in order to secure the Hero’s love….also leading to another epic awkward moment….


Apart from the laugh and giggles that I got when i watched this episode, Nothing compared to this solution that both the Devil and the Knight come up with! 

ImageWhat a lucky man!!!

The war itself has seem to have subsided for now, and yet they all seem to know that their current peace isn’t going to last. A few more plot points are developing being that the Devil must renew her King of Demon License to which she must return to the underworld, and that there seems to be some Humans planning to disrupt the peace. So look forward to the next episode!

I know I am!

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