Maoyuu Maou Yuusha EP 07

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Its Otaku-chan here and I just couldn’t wait until this particular series was over so I decided to do episodic reviews as fast as I can watch them! Maoyuu Maou Yuusha! Epsiode 7!

There isn’t too much fighting action compared to episode 6 but it definitely is trying to improve is fan-service.

The Knight and Hero enjoy are sparring lesson which seems to denote they’re getting awfully close, even though the romantic feelings are one sided! and for some very very awkward moments like this!


The Devil and Knight also keep upping the antics in order to secure the Hero’s love….also leading to another epic awkward moment….


Apart from the laugh and giggles that I got when i watched this episode, Nothing compared to this solution that both the Devil and the Knight come up with! 

ImageWhat a lucky man!!!

The war itself has seem to have subsided for now, and yet they all seem to know that their current peace isn’t going to last. A few more plot points are developing being that the Devil must renew her King of Demon License to which she must return to the underworld, and that there seems to be some Humans planning to disrupt the peace. So look forward to the next episode!

I know I am!

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Anime Review – Witchblade

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Its Otaku-chan here! This time doing a review for a well known animation series, ‘Witchblade’. It was originally a comic book series that progressed into a TV show and then adapted into an animation and manga series which is definitely worth checking out!

Sought by the greed of men since the dawn of human kind, but only bestowed upon the women whose fate it forever scars…the Witchblade. Is it the righteous sword of God? Or hand of the Devil himself? Now a new bearer has been chosen. And she must discover the answers for herself. As she stands on the brink of destiny, she is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and ruin. – Prologue for each episode

There are a plethora of reasons to why I love the animation series ‘Witchblade’. The universe is so expansive and thorough, there isn’t a moment where the story hasn’t been already ‘fleshed’ out! Apart from the anime babes making me think the wrong things, the series plot points, different approaches and ofcourse the characters really do make it on my list of ‘Animation Series to watch before you expire’.

 Before we begin, I thought I might just explain what the ‘witchblade’ actually is. And its not much. Its simply a magical sentient artifact that imbues its wearer or host with unimaginable power at the expense of ones own life. It has been describe as having participated in many wars, often by those who have sough to gain its powers! 

Witchblade’s plot is incredible easy to understand despite it being a very expansive universe. From the very beginning  we already understand that the ‘end’ will be tragic. The series itself follows Masane Amaha who seems to be unaware that she is the wielder of the ‘witchblade’. She is an extremely kind woman but is incredibly clumsy and has no recollection of her memory during the ‘Great Quake’. In flashbacks, she is suspiciously found unhurt while carrying a baby in her arms which she now adopts as her child. As soon as they arrive they are caught in a power struggle between a mega-corporation and a government agency and that’s where the story really begins. 

The characters really do make this series incredible to watch. Despite her clumsy appearance, Masane is really a caring mother who literally gives up her life in order to protect her daughter even though they are not related directly by blood. She, however can transform in a ridiculously seductive blood-thirsty machine of mega-death! I guess you could say that her daughter, Rihoko, is her humanity. Something that grounds the main protagonist. Rihoko is absolutely adorable and displays wisdom and maturity, something her mother lacks! This dynamic mother-daughter duo makes this particular series ‘Great!’. Something that really stands out above other animations! 

The real sweetener in the deal is the action. Specifically the action sequences  They are somewhat transcendent! They seem to be carefully choreographed and yet they are still able to retain that raw element of power, literally destroying everything that gets in the way! The explosions are amazing! Whenever there are fight scenes, its like fireworks of complete and utter destruction…on a screen! Of-course, having armored clad women fighting is also a plus in my Otaku guide journal! 

In the end, the series itself has a high standard to live up to and it seriously does! The women, the action, the utter level of destruction is mind-blasting! Honestly, I felt a bit sad that the series was only 26 episodes but it was definitely well planned out, the characters all fleshed out. It truly is amazing! Its definitely has my recommendation! 

Audio – 10/10

Video – 9/10

Star Rating – 4.5/5 stars! 

Its has been my pleasure writing this review of such a legendary animation series of this calibre. 

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Anime Review – Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Its your one and only Otaku-Chan here again, doing what I do best! Today we are going to step into the realms where romance and weird come together, spawning one of the strangest animation series that I have seen to date! Welcome to ‘Mysterious Girlfriend X’, otherwise known as ‘Nazo No Kanoho Ekkusu’. Its is a fairly new animation series, only being adapted and released in 2012.
This series in particular is an absolute delight to watch and yet again, it’s set in at school. It follows the Akira Tsubaki and the very mysterious Mikoto Urabe. Things begin quiet quickly where Tsubaki becomes ill to which Urabe, offers him her saliva! That’s right! Her saliva to which is reluctant to try. Through a series of events, he becomes addicted to her saliva and from there the story progresses albeit in a fashion that made me really consider what an Otaku really was! Don’t misunderstand, this series is hilarious to watch!
The characters are hilarious to watch and I found them very like-able. Akira Tsubaki is just your plain average joe until he becomes addicted to Urabe’s drool. There’s really nothing that stands out about him in particular. That is seriously where this series shines brightest! It opens a new can of weird and mysterious that is Urabe! She is highly dangerous and skilled at using scissors, which she stores in her panties. Apart from the fact that she carries scissor’s in her panties, she’s pretty much outstanding in everyway. She shows high athletic abilities able to move short distances in a blink of an eye! Now, the ‘drool’, which happens to be the main topic of series. It really does have weird powers, from sharing thoughts, feelings and even dreams which left me thinking ‘What the …!’. The characters are lovable in their own unique way and yet still somehow relatable! Though the series and characters don’t really progress very much, so don’t expect too much from this series besides a good laugh.
Overall, there really isn’t too much to say about the series. I would say that this series is probably not everyone first impression of great anime but I think it is in its own right. It’s originality is something that we don’t see to often anymore so it is quiet refreshing! All I can say that its definitely not a series that you’d want to watch seriously, its really just for a laugh with some romance and fanservice thrown into the mix. So of those who haven’t seen ‘Mysterious Girlfriend X’, I recommended that you drop whatever your doing and start watching it!
Visual – 7/10
Audio – 6.5/10
Star Rating – 3/5 stars
It has been a pleasure again to have reviewed this series for you all! Hope you all enjoyed it!
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