Anime Review – High School DXD

Oh Hai~! Its your one and only Otaku-chan here and today I will be reviewing a very ‘Otaku’ animation series. The one and only ‘High School DxD’! Be warned this series is seriously not for the kiddies! 🙂The series itself is fairly new, only being released in 2012! But none-the-less, its a animation series worth … Continue reading

Anime Review – Bubblegum Crisis Toyko 2040

Oh Hai~! Today is a momentous day, for today, I will be reviewing the number 1 series that started me on the path of an Otaku. This series is none other that ‘Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040’! It is a mouthful to say but still, there are a plethora of feelings that I will use to … Continue reading