Anime Review – Medaka Box!

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Its your friendly friend Otaku-chan here, doing again, what I do best. Today, I will be reviewing ‘Medaka Box’! This animation series is amazing! Totally and utterly amazing! Its already up to season 2 which just finished airing a few weeks ago so if you haven’t seen the first season, there’s still time to catch up!
Well to begin with the first season sets the stage for the second season. Essentially, during the first season, we follow ‘Medaka Kurokami’, one of the main protagonists of the series who is elected the Student Council President at Hakoniwa Academy with a landslide win of 98% percent, which is, unprecedented! Once elected she puts forth a suggestion box, dubbed ‘medaka box’, with each requests usually taking 1 episode to fulfill. She quickly gathers her student council subordinates and childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Kouki Akune and Mogana Kikaijima through a series of trials that reveal her fortes# *dashing*!
Season 2 is where the real action begins. It all starts with the defeat of Unzen of class 13. One of the many members that form and contribute to the ‘Flask Plan’. Once the true intentions of the flask plan are revealed, Medaka and her friends set out to reveal and destroy the flask plan.
Medaka box seems to be a mix of ‘slice of life’,’comedy’,’romance’and’action’! I really love this anime for a number of reasons! Starting off with the characters. Most of the characters are special,’abnormal’ or ‘special’ with the exception of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, being a ‘normal’. Medaka Kurokami is hilarious to watch! Being someone who has extremely high intelligence, strength and speed, she’s often so oblivious to the most simplistic of things. She’s increbly adorable and charming or as she rather says ‘Dashing!’ Enough with the spoilers though! Most characters have their own strength and weaknesses which makes them most memorable during the season! Ofcourse Zenkichi was one of my favourites as well! Being the only normal in the group, it really contributes to the series being relatable, seemingly not that far-fetched either. So its was quiet easy to connect with the characters on an otaku level!
Now the action is what really makes this series wonderful! Though it’s not over the top in the violence genre, it does have really good action sequences. Especially when there are fights between ‘abnormals’, it definitely has a good dragonball z vibe to the action! And as always, the story has a little commedy to lighten the mood, and romance because lets face it, without romance in highschool…well, thats not really highschool without the drama!
The only downside is that the anime doesn’t really take the time to explain ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ abilities too well, but its not that hard to catch on. If you are having troubles, I highly suggest referreing to the manga, as it does explain the abilities of the students a lot better as the anime does.
This series definitely deserves to be watched, with over 3,000,000,000 copies sold, it cant be wrong! And as an Otaku to another Otaku, you will definite enjoy this series! There is some fan service, but it isnt integral to the series at all. The story is quiet fast paced but it isnt overly complicated and its quiet easy to pick up where you left off without having to re-watch the last few episodes. In saying that, I have watched this series from start to finish about 4 times now, simple because its that good!
Video – 9.5/10
Audio – 9.10
Star Rating 4.5/5 stars
I would definitely recommend this to all ages, its very view friendly though there may be some themes within these series that might need some supervision. Again though, everyone can watch!
Again, its has be fantastic to review Medaka box for all of you!
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Anime Review – Mirai Nikki

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(oh look! Another Review)

Its Otaku-chan here, doing what I do best, because, I really have no life…Mirai Nikki! So before I go on there’s just a little thing you should know. That is ‘Tsundere’ – a character who is initially cold and at times could be seen as hostile towards another person before gradully showing their warm and fuzzy side. Then there’s ‘Yandere’ or as I like to call it ‘Gasai Yuno Syndrome’. Keep this in mind.

The story follows ‘Yukiteru Amano’, often being called Yuki for short. He is initially a loner, spending most of his time writing in a diary on his cell phone and talking to what appears to be his imaginary friends ‘Deus Ex Machina’, the God of Time and Space and ‘Murmur, Deus’s servant. Before long Deus gives Yuki a special diary – foreseeing his own future entries and introducing him to a ‘game’ and that’s when the sugar hits the fan. The concept it incredible simple, 11 other people, each with their own special diaries are to compete in a Battle-Royale with the winner becoming the new god of Time and Space. He also meets Gasai Yuno – notable for her intelligence and beauty, she’s often seen as the model student however….she is obsessed with Yuki – her special diary pertaining only to Yuki thus dubbing her diary ‘Yukiteru Diary’. And thus the fun begins!

The characters are incredible! Each having what I deem would be their own personal obsession thus, a corresponding diary for all 12 characters. At times, the character’s go a little bit psychotic but it cant be helped, the story revolves around 1 winner.

Now, Gasai Yuno, out of the many female lead characters that stand out in my mind, she stands out above the rest. As I said before, she’s a intelligent and beautiful, and so she’s a little obsessed with Yuki. *I will always cherish my first misconception of Gasai Yuno* She’s is totally bat crap crazy-insane. Not by a little, but by a whole lot. She is willing to hurt and kill anyone who hurts Yuki (the other 10 contestants) which I understand, because her un-shaking devotion is incomparable. That being said, she is incredibly and constantly jealous of anyone and everyone who gets close to Yuki and more often than not, will try to harm and if given the chance, murderlize the crap out of them! She is the epitome of Yandere – to the umpth degree. Also, on many occasions she willing tells Yuki that she is willing to sacrifice herself in order for him to win the game. Her possessiveness of Yuki is so unbalanced that she does not show any concern to Yuki’s friends, often encouraging him to disregard their safety. All in all, its a something you have to watch to see the absolute depth (and depravity) of Gasai Yuno. The character who is obsessively cute yet dangerously destructive. 

Though the series only has 26 episodes, it has a fairly good paced as well. Important plot points are revealed at even intervals so there wasn’t a moment where I felt bored. Just when I became complacent Boom! another plot twist that bends my mind! However, It does contains some humour, a mediocre amount of action, and crazy by the truckloads which I found very exciting at times. It is quiet a tragic love story, one that does test the boundaries and brings new meaning to the phrase ‘how much do you love me?’ Well with Valentine’s Day coming up I’m sure you will all find out soon…or not! 

The animation is very good. There is an attention to detail in Mirai Nikki with the finishing product having a very sharp and clean look to the scenes. You might argue that I’m biased as I love anime, but seriously, this series does give me pride as an Otaku!

All in all, this series is a definite watch! You will either love it or hate it since its not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you love the Yandere more than the Tsundere, look no futher! This series will have you obsessed til you reach the level that is ‘Gasai Yuno Syndrome’.

Visual – 9/10

Audio – 9/10

Star Rating – 4.5/5 stars

Again, its been my pleasure review Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) with you all!

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Anime Review – The World God Only Knows

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Its your favorite anime reviewer, Otaku-chan here-desu~! Today, we’ll be hitting up a review for the animation series, ‘The World God Only Knows’. This has got to be one of my favorite animations for 2 reasons: I love girls and I love games, so when you put them together along with anime, you get TWGOK!

So the story follows Keima Katsuragi, a high school student who is a prodigy ‘bishojo game’ player, thus earning him the title as the ‘The God of Conquests’, in recognition of his legendary skills to be able to conquer the hearts of any 2D girls within games. However things take a turn for the worst, albeit in good comedic fashion, when he accepts a mysterious contract offering him to conquer girls. When he accepts it, a demon from hell named Elsie appears asking for his help to catch the run-away spirits called ‘Loose Souls’. Of-course these spirits reside themselves in the hearts of girls thus compelling Keima to conquer the girls heart in order to release the spirit. Thus begins Keima and Elsies journey to re-capture the loose souls – marking the beginning of the series.

This series is amazing as the characters are very enjoyable, relatable and of-course lovable. Keima, often referred to as otamegane, often in a derogatory sense but shows that he is incredibly intelligent. His approach to girls/women alike has been strengthened through the use of his games, able to analyse his target almost instantly and plan a course in order to conquer girls hearts! Now Elsie is a by far the most lovable looking demon I’ve seen yet. Despite being over 300 years old, she often acts like a child with a incredibly pure personality. On top of that she is unbelievably clumsy and of-course, easily distracted! However, she is lovable nonetheless! As the series progresses, more characters are introduced that do play a role, just not as prominent as the primary protagonists of the series!

Now, this animation is very action orientated. The action sequences do not last very long but they’re still very enjoyable! The World God Only Knows heavily makes fun of cliches about dating sims and character stereotypes, so for you anime buffs, happy hunting for those moments! To be honest, the series has a ‘feel good’ type. There’s nothing too serious for viewers, its just some fun that anyone of any age can enjoy!

Other than that, the series has already progressed into its second season with a third being given the green-light so I suggest getting into it, if you haven’t done so already, before the third series begins!

All in all, I found this series particularly charming, it doesn’t have a incredibly complex story line so its easy to pick up where you left off without needing too much revision. As I said, this series is more about adventure, having laughs and fun as not much of the series is about fighting. Nevertheless I found it most enjoyable and I would definitely recommend this series for anyone who is just stepping into the world of Otaku!

Video – 7/10

Audio – 6/10

Star Rating – 3/5 stars

Its has been fun reviewing the series ‘The World God Only Knows’ and I hope you enjoyed it!

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Anime Review – K a.k.a K project

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Welcome all to the Anime Review Corner~! I have far too much free time on my hands but to keep all you lovely otakus happy, I’ve decided to review one of the latest animation series to date! (give or take a few weeks) Its called ‘K’, otherwise known as the K project and I don’t Know why. I do know however, is that I ‘suki’ the daylights out of this animation!

The story follows the life of a ordinary high school student, Yashiro Isana. He is a very approachable character and his actions denote that he is quiet friendly with all the students at Ashkinaka High Schoo, which is noteably very prestigious. However, things go really wrong quickly, when Yashiro Isana is accused of murder – Tatara Totsuka – a prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. The story pretty much kicks off at that point and the antics that follow are at times hilarious!

I found most characters very like-able, each with their own story and point of view, each trying to solve their own problems that they face. I do have a problem with Yashiro Isana’s extremely passive behavior but it really does work well in his favor through the entire series.  The ‘Black Hound’ – Kuroh Yatogami – I found a bit gloomy but it also contributes to his ‘coolness’ factor. Now my absolute favorite character is ‘Neko’ a ‘Strain’ who acts as Shiro’s pet cat. She is incredibly playful and mischievous! She add’s the humor and fun in a series that revolves around relatively darker subjects like murder, revenge so on and so forth.

Now I can’t understand why all animation series are done this way because the scenes are beautiful! Seriously, Everything is nicely detailed, shaded and colored and presented in a way that will make your eyes water from the sheer awesomeness that is ‘K’

The story at times is a bit confusing, there are a few jumps in the story here and there that do leave things to ordinary viewer wondering ‘what’s going?’. However, a few clicks to the manga will definitely plug the metaphorical hole! So get clicking~!

Okay, so now its safe to assume you’re up to date with the manga? good! I’ll keep going! Actually, that’s pretty much all I have to say. K is a really good animation series that I will definitely recommend to friends and family alike! It does have a minor sense of adventure, with a few touches of action, and some comedy to lighten up the mood.

As always, get into this series, if you haven’t already! It provides a good laugh~!

Video – 9/10

Audio – 7/10

Star Rating – 4/5 stars

haha! I found this very inspiring and I hope you all enjoyed my review!

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Anime Review – Black Rock Shooter

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(You will be…….Terminated)

Black Rock Shooter! You will either love it! Or hate it! (you will love it)

This has definitely got to be one of the most overlooked animations I’ve seen. Black Rock Shooter, otherwise abbreviated to BRS is simply out-standing even though there are only 8 episodes.

From what I’ve gathered, Black Rock Shooter, a mysterious girl with a burning blue eye clad in a black cloak with a cannon/machine gun is the primary protagonist, mirroring her counter part, in a way, in a parallel universe – Mato Kuroi.

It follows Mato (Black Rock Shooter) who befriends another girl, Yomi Takanashi  (Dead Master) who is friends with a (border-line) psychotic yet adorable girl, Kagari Izuriha (Chariot). Other characters include the ‘Black Gold Saw’ and ‘Strength’. Its pretty much a bullet-fest from the get-go and I loved every minute of it!

The animation style is quiet unique, something I don’t think I come across often enough, yet nonetheless I found excruciatingly enjoyable! It gives every scene a very nice ‘Crisp and Clear’ look to it!

As a man of action, I have to admit the real lift characters bored me. Their problems and alter egos however, did not! I would personally love to have a machine gun/cannon but alas, it’s just not meant to be! The action sequences are visually orgasmic! Every episode satisfied my need to see a hail of bullets launched across my screen! The visuals were very smooth, nothing seemed to jerk unless it made the scenes a million times better! And if anyone is a fan of action. This reason is enough for you to stop reading, and starting watching!

The sheer array of colors were a treat to my eyes! A flash of blue,red,orange and soon enough I was having a seizure of rainbow-awesomeness! Each universe or ‘world’ had a distinct style to it, along with its own unique yet similar landscapes,color palate and atmosphere, enough to generate an emotional tie to each character!

Sadly, I can’t rattle on as much as I like without giving too many spoilers away since Black Rock Shooter only has 8 episodes and an OVA. But fans of action, look no further, Black Rock Shooter will definitely satisfy your need for action!

Video – 8/10

Audio – 6/10

Star Rating – 3.5/5 stars

2 articles in one day! Whew! haha! Again, its been a pleasure review ‘Black Rock Shooter’ with you all!

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